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Accessories and
Spare Parts

Lexus 12-CD magazine



Steering pump re-seal kit



Fold-away cup-holder


Blank key (non-genuine)


(not fitted with remote
locking door lock transmitter)

Fuel pump ECU


suitable for V8 and 2.5 T/T

Gearbox mount


suitable for V8 only

Front shock absorber TOKICO

A$199 ea.

Original Toyota part for Soarers
with coil springs and no TEMS

Air-conditioning EPR valve



Original KOITO low beam light bulb

A$69 each

original Japanese part

Original KOITO high beam light bulb

A$69 each

original Japanese part

Engine air filter element


for Soarer V8 only

Fresh air filter for ventilation/aircond. system (2 required)

A$75 ea.

Fuel filter


and Repairs

Cruise control modification


Combination meter repair



     Air-bag light switching box


For extinguishing of air-bag light (air-bag Error Code 41)
Item is available for short-term rental

Special Order
Spare Parts

Side door trim pocket

A$390 ea.
or A$690/pair

Left and right sides available, delivery from Japan in 4 weeks

Center ventilation register


Delivery from Japan in 4 weeks

Used Parts for Sale
(in working order)

Remote central locking receiver control


For Soarer, Part No. 89741-24020

SC400 Engine control computer


Genuine US Lexus specification
Part No. 89661-24230

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