Soarer fixes and repairs

Indicators in the combination meter

A failure occurs in one or more sections of the combination meter (instrument panel). Most often the bottom line in the LCD panel displaying the clock, check/warning messages and mileage information will not illuminate properly. Sometimes it works OK when the ignition is switched on and then stops working.

At other times it does not illuminate initially but recovers after several miles of driving. A reliable fix for this condition is now available. For repair we need to receive the faulty combination meter. Complete instructions for removal of the combination meter from the car are now available online with detailed photographs showing each step. If interested, please e-mail us for access.  A thumbnail image of Soarer instrument panel

Air-bag warning light

When ignition is switched on with the combination meter removed, the red air-bag warning light will illuminate in the combination meter (instrument panel) and stay on whenever the ignition is on. It is possible to reset the air-bag warning light.

Poor FM radio reception

Cars are often modified during the compliancing process improve FM radio reception. However, it is not widely known and appreciated that Soarers have dual radio antenna systems. Invariably only the main antenna circuit gets modified. Reception of Australian FM broadcast then becomes possible but the high quality radio does not perform to its full potential. Fading and dropouts are common complaints. We have developed a modification to the diversity antenna circuit to bring the FM radio reception up to the Lexus standard.

Cruise control limitation

The cruise control restriction of 107 km/hr can be removed.   A thumbnail image of Soarer cruise control computer

The maximum speed limitation

The maximum speed restriction of 179 km/hr can be removed. A special road speed indicator with full speed range display and mph capability. (The original speedometer display is not capable of indicating higher than 199 km/hr by design). The LCD speed indicator is combined with the circuit to remove the maximum speed restriction. For accurate speed indications the package allows fine adjustment to take into account different tyre sizes. It can also be set to indicate the road speed in mph rather than kmph if desired.

A thumbnail image of installed Speed delimiter with LCD display

TV screen repair

A failure occurs in the Electro Multivision screen (EMV) where the screen stays blank. Often the touch-screen functions remain operational but the control buttons are not displayed on the screen making control of the air/cond, ventilation and stereo system near impossible.

Sometimes the EMV screen works fine but the touch screen feature does not respond properly. At other times one or more parts of the screen does not display the coloured rectangles, e.g. controls of the ventilation and/or audio systems.

A repair is now available to faulty screens.  TV screen

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