Electro Multivision Screen

There are several distinct modes of the EMV failure:
1) the screen illumination fails and the screen remains dark at all times. The touch screen still works;
2) the screen illumination works but the touch screen feature failed;
3) the screen illumination works but the sceen does not show anything;
4) one or more parts of the screen does not display coloured rectangles (e.g controls for the audio and/or ventilation system);
5) "wavy" picture;
6) combination of some of the above failure modes.

Complete EMV screen setup
Complete EMV setup removed from the centre console.

EMV screen
EMV screen.
We need to receive this part for repair of faulty touch screen function or inoperative EMV screen.

Please note that it is not necesary to remove the complete EMV setup from the car in order to get the EMV screen repaired. It is possible to remove just the EMV screen and leave the other EMV setup components in place.

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