Startrade Manual supplement                             Error codes card
      Startrade Manual supplement                                                         Error messages card


This is a photocopied booklet of 16 pages with laminated covers containing description and drawings of the Toyota Soarer combination meter, details of the automatic vehicle start-up diagnostics checks, prescribed information about the use of seat-belts and additionally installed child safety restraint anchorages and, most importantly, the table of English translations of the original Japanese warning messages that may appear on the LCD screen in the lower part of the combination meter in case of problems. A laminated card with the translations is provided for storage on the sun visor.

The current edition also includes information on basic spare part numbers (sparking plugs, air filters, brake pads), engine and automatic transmission diagnostics, list of error codes and their clearing, running the air-conditioning diagnostics, list of air-conditioning error codes and their clearing.


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